1. "Bones of the lost English samurai are identified" by Julian Ryall - The Daily Telegraph (PDF download)
    Credit: The Daily Telegraph

  2. "First English national to visit Japan who became honorary samurai formally identified" by Julian Ryall - The Telegraph
    Note that the article refers to 'Prof. Irving, president and founder of the William Adams Club by Adams grave site', which is incorrect. Whilst the gentleman shown is indeed Prof. Irving, an Life-time Honourable Member of WAC, the president (at the time of the article being published) and founder of WAC is Robin Maynard, MBE.

  3. "The Return of Japan’s Long Lost Telescope" by Sean Curtain - The Japan Society

  4. "Britain's lost samurai is FOUND 400 years later: Remains of English sailor shipwrecked in Japan in 1600 - and who inspired TV show Shogun - are formally identified using DNA testing" by Harry Howard - Daily Mail